Paula Turner is the Artistic Director of GGDC. A yoga techaer, dance artist and creative ageing pioneer based in Newcastle.

Artistic Director - Paula Turner

Paula Turner is a facilitator/maker/player at life, a life long improviser and dedicated curator of the moment.

The GGDC approach to dancing and creativity is all about the flexibility of body and mind. 

We are free to adjust, to change and to adapt, we dance to our own tune.

Others may label us this or that - we remain proudly unidentifiable and label free - a collective of individuals.

The motivation behind GGDC was to nurture and celebrate the experienced lived in body, its stories and its wisdom….to dance with people not agendas.

In collaborating with GGDC, I am investigating reciprocal processes, playing with the embodied world and encouraging openness and otherness beyond definitions, beyond labels, beyond age….


TEL:        07815 520860

I like it very much.....what is it exactly?
— Joachim - undergraduate student Newcastle university